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to support tibetan-buddhist nuns in Ladakh, India



"Autumn in the Himalayas'



Duration: 28 minutes
Script, direction and editing: Malgorzata Skiba
Camera: S. Kumar
Sound: S. Mano Haran


Brief Contents:

The film depicts the story of a group of elderly nuns in Ladakh, and their dream monastery. The nuns represent the generation of profane and uneducated women in habits, which have been neglected for centuries by religious and social environment in Ladakh. These nuns lived there or at home and were working as domestic helpers, whether they worked on the construction of roads. They see their hard life as a natural consequence of the inferior female rebirth, so they pray to in the next life as a man born to be a monk and then a higher goal to reach. The new monastery is near the ruins of the oldest monastery in Ladakh. In this convent the nuns get one last chance with dignity a better life.

The story of the film shows the current evolution of the emancipation in Ladakh, where Buddhist nuns are seeking education and change their traditional position. These changes come along with visitors from the west who undertook efforts to empower the nuns to support their dreams.

The film was shown at the Himalaya Film Festival in Amsterdam, where he was very well received. Exceptionally, we may sell the movie, just because the proceeds go to the nuns in Ladakh Nyerma goes.

The DVD costs € €15.00 and can be ordered by contacting us.

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