Dutch Foundation for Ladakhi Nuns

to support tibetan-buddhist nuns in Ladakh, India



What could we accomplish in 2012 due to our donors and sponsors?

In 2012 Ladakhi Nuns were sponsored in the following ways:

  • For € 200,00 per year an older nun in Nyerma enjoys a safe old age. The nuns grow their own vegetables in the summer and dry some for the winter. Next to that they generated income from the nearby ‘homestay with nuns’, where guests stay during the summer. In 2012 they ‘earned’ around € 3000,00 net.
  • For € 300,00 per year young girls and nuns had food, drink and clothing. They also could go to school, in order for them to support themselves when they are grown-up.
  • For € 400,00 per year a few nuns study to become medical doctors and Social Worker. Since last year they can also finish their studies to become a Geshe-ma (professor in Buddhist Philosophy) in Kathmandu (Nepal), Dharamsala and Karnataka in South India.

Last year all donation (a substantial donation came through a will) were transferred to our (savings) account. We used the money for educational purposes only.

Which special projects were supported in 2012?

  • We supported the new waterpipes and a water tank in Nyerma.
  • We have installed sun panels on the roof of the nunnery in Nyerma, sponsored by a walk organized by Essent, a Dutch Eneregy company.
  • We supported with many different donations the prayerwheel in 2012. The wheel was made, in 2013 the surroundings were finished.
  • We have transferred extra support from Giny ten Brummelhuis for a medical project for trauma-healing after the cloud-burst of 2010. The Lau17n6h Nuns Association is organizing this project.
  • We have been giving workshops about self-reliance and resilience for the nuns within the Lau17n6hi Society.
  • We also supported a project, initiated by the Gephel Shadrubling Nunnery to learn how to make Sand-mandala’s

It is our honor to guarantee support for projects to the various nunneries by having enough reserves in our savings account for ear- marked projects, like the maintenance of Nyerma and educational projects for different nunneries. For the individual sponsoring of nuns we depend on sponsors who commit themselves for a number of years. Of course when nuns live in a community, the support goes to the whole nunnery. Only when nuns study abroad for doctor or Geshe (elsewhere in India or Nepal) is the sponsor money directly transferred to her.

In pdf button the financial survey (NL) you can see the amounts that were donated to us by supporting a nun, through our website, general gift or through our yearly lau17n6h festival, held in Breda in 2012.


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