Dutch Foundation for Ladakhi Nuns

to support tibetan-buddhist nuns in Ladakh, India



Brief history:

In 1995 Marlies Bosch visited Ladakh as a photographer for the foundation Chomo a conference for Buddhist women, organized by Sakyadhita (daughters of the Buddha). In subsequent years, she traveled extensively to Ladakh and was mainly involved in health projects for and by nuns. In 2003 she founded the Foundation 'Dutch Foundation for Ladakhi Nuns'(DFLN) with the aim to support nunneries in Ladakh. It was established with the help of Ladahk Nuns Association (LNA) which was founded in 1997 by the nun and doctor Tsering Palmo.


  1. The DFLN develops initiatives in the Netherlands (such as annual Ladakh Festivals), which aims to stimulate, interest and knowledge about the situation of nuns in Ladakh.
  2. We are committed as a foundation to generate financial resources to support educational projects for nunneries in Ladakh.
  3. The foundation has adjusted its goals in 2010: There will be no grants for construction anymore, only grants for educational projects aimed at self- sufficiency.
  4. For existing buildings in Nyerma (built in 2004 using Cordaid) we have a maintenance obligation. The monastery in Nyerma remains a part of that obligation of DFLN, though it is expected that in the coming years, the monastery will become increasingly self-sufficient with the 'homestay' income expected to increase.
  5. In addition to supporting various projects, it is also possible via DFLN to contribute to the living facilities and study of individual nuns in Ladakh through sponsorship.
  6. The ultimate objective is that the DFLN becomes superfluous and that the nuns are capable to manage on their own, good education and living facilities through work and other activities.
  7. Large expenditures always needs to be approved by the board first.
  8. We give full disclosure to sponsors of the expenditures of board members. Because we do not charge for travel or meetings, this shall be considered a gift to the foundation.
  9. The Millennium Plan 2015 is committed to all uneducated children in the world the opportunity to attend school. We are a small foundation and help approximately 28 young girls to go to school in (Ladakh district) India. Financing their education and supporting the nuns who run the monasteries is our responsibility. We are very pleased with the individual people who, often for years, funded the training of an individual or medication and other necessities of life for elderly nuns. We continue to seek new sponsors or general donations to fill the rising cost of education. Investing in girls is an investment in a whole generation.

The board of the DFLN

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