Dutch Foundation for Ladakhi Nuns

to support tibetan-buddhist nuns in Ladakh, India



The DFLN was established to support Buddhist nuns in Ladakh , Northern India, with the objective to empower these nuns and make them self-sufficient . We raise funds and contributions from individuals for (educational) projects that are approved by DFLN for the nuns. These must meet our objectives. The contributions are paid twice a year to India. The DFLN also generates money through an annual Ladakh-festival, in 2013 this was held in Nijmegen. People also contribute money via our website.

The financial contribution of the DFLN to the nuns includes a sponsorship program for individual nuns and supporting various education projects. In addition, we also provide financial assistance, if necessary, for a nun’s medical care or provide disaster relief, such as we did after the flood disaster in 2010. All one-time gifts and bequests fall into the general (savings) account for special educational projects unless a donor has indicated a special purpose.

We make sure that we guarantee support to monasteries, for educational projects and the maintenance of the convent for elderly nuns in Nyerma, this is guaranteed by building earmarked funds in our reserve.

The Foundation has selected three main projects:

  • Ladakh Nuns Association of Dr. Tsering Palmo in Leh
  • Gephel Shadrubling nunnery in Sabu (from summer 2014 located in Basgo)
  • Chattnyanling nunnery for elderly nuns in Nyerma

The wishes and needs of these monasteries are catalysts for our activities.

Under the sponsorship of nuns program the donor commits to support a specific nun for a number of years by paying her training. This is a fixed amount annually for a certain nun and, if desired, the sponsor can also maintain contact with that nun. However, nonspecific donations will be used for a larger group of nuns in the monastic community to avoid any nun from missing the opportunity to attend school. That does not apply to the nuns who follow higher education. The sponsorship of nuns donations have been specifically designed for those nuns seeking higher education.

There are several categories of nuns who we support:

  • For € 400, - per year nuns can get a higher education. For example: study for medical degree at the university, or a higher vocational training to social worker or teacher, or training to be 'Geshe-ma. " This is an academic degree granted to nuns in Tibetan Buddhism. After they complete the training the nuns put their knowledge and skills to use in their monastery and / or the Ladakhi society.
  • For € 300, - per year for young nuns and girls who live in monasteries, to attend primary school and vocational training. This is the first step towards self-reliance. This money is also used to provide for their daily necessities such as food, drink, clothing ... etc.
  • For € 200, - per year receives an older nun in Nyerma who have to work hard all her life, a safe and carefree old age. Although these nuns grow their own herbs and vegetables in their gardens and the guesthouse in Nyerma also generates money during the summer, for the long term they still desperately need our financial support.

The DFLN chose no CBF and not to apply for declaration of no objection because the costs to do so are disproportionately high. We are recognized by the Dutch government as a 'public benefit organization' (ANBI). This means that donations to the DFLN can be deducted from the taxable income of donors. The tax administration sets a number of conditions which the DFLN complies.

What we have acheived in 2013 thanks to our donors?

Ladakh Nuns Association

  • Eleven nuns followed a higher education by a contribution from the DFLN
  • The DFLN organized workshops for the nuns on self-reliance and resilience and how to deal with gynecological problems, sexuality and celibacy
  • The LNA used sponsorship money from DFLN for projects related to education

Gephel Shadrubling nunnery

  • Seventeen nuns followed a higher education with the contribution from DFLN
  • The Gephel nuns used sponsorship money from DFLN for projects related to education, such as learning to make sand mandalas

Chattnyanling nunnery

  • One nun was assigned a sponsor, all others are maintained with the revenue from the 'guesthouse'. The deficits will be supplemented from the general fund of the DFLN.
  • This monastery has a special place within the DFLN. It was built by the financial support of DFLN and contribution from Cordaid . Although since 2008 DFLN does not support construction projects anymore, we still have certain obligations. In 2013 it was the maintenance of the newly constructed water supply and water tank, and the installation of special clay on the roofs of the monastery so that a cloudburst, as in 2010, causes less damage.
  • The solar panels, sponsored by Essent, had to be maintained and repaired.
  • In Nyerma in the summer of 2013 for the first time young girls were admitted. They are not yet sponsored, we need to find sponsors for them.
  • The older nuns now manage their own vegetable garden, for daily food and spices and they can also dry vegetables for the winter. In addition, they generated an income from the DFLN built guesthouse, where in summer guests stay for a fee. In 2013 was that, after deduction of costs for food etc. , an amount of €2485.
  • The prayer wheel for the nuns and the local community in Nyerma, which was partly funded from an inheritance, was festive inaugurated in 2013 by the Rinpoche of Thiksey.

pdf button The financiel statement shows the amounts that we have received from sponsors who support a nun and general donations also, transferred by people after visiting our website .

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