Festivalbezoek The Ladakh festival, we can simply call succeeded. Saturday there were over thirty visitors, and on Sunday the turnout was truly overwhelming! In total during the weekend over a hundred people have.

For those who were there: thanks for the patience, there was sometimes no place to sit or stand! The whole exceeded our wildest expectations. There was enough interest so the nuns in Ladakh and all lectures. We also have a lot of jewelry, photo cards and sold items from Ladakh.

The local middle class has much to our festival sponsors, where we store the wine Pelican Groningen asparagus, farm eggs and local strawberries were for the benefit dinner, and Albert Heijn our potatoes, butter and cream available to them. Butcher gave Kamminga delicious ham, we got dozens of Mario flowers red roses, and other things gave us more than hairy donations, which the expenses of the festival were more than covered.

After the weekend we € 2046.00 to prior sale could attack. That really is a fabulous sum, which we can achieve a lot in Ladakh. It means that this year for over € 19000.00 have raised for projects in Ladakh. There are also gifts from America and Germany, with some donations are earmarked for special projects.

If you give us your e-mail send, we will keep you informed of new developments. We want to thank everyone for the dedication, enthusiasm and contributions!

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There were people all the way from Haarlem and Alkmaar came to our festival. There are now plans to repeat the successful festival to go elsewhere in the country, such as Gouda and Haarlem. People who want to work with them we want to invite it to let us know! There is interest, which was evident in 1913, and May 14!

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