This year, all nuns withstood the severe winter well. Every year it is amazing that the very fragile old nuns survive the winter. Late April, early May could only begin the work in the fields and vegetable gardens.

In Chamba Nyerma went to work in the vegetable garden this year has increased a lot. The nuns are now dry enough vegetables and store in the basement for the winter and spring get through.

Leh and its surroundings after the natural disaster last year a lot cleared and repaired. In many places being built. The farther away from Leh, the more damage is still visible.

Weather and climate for many people an important topic. Everyone keeps a close eye on the weather and I did too. There were many photos taken puja (prayer meetings) to pray for the people who died last year and in future such cloud rupture.

Guesthouse again a success

Carola grocer was the first volunteer this summer. From early May to late June she caught the guests, cook, made the rooms are clean and made sure everything went well.

Due to circumstances, the volunteer who is the month of August would not come. Together we collected. Personally, Marlies Bosch, Ellen fell into pools. Anneke van der Heide and Josephien Budel (both were previously volunteers) were on vacation but went to work.

Dechen and Chamba, the nuns who are most involved in the guesthouse have shown that they know how they work to address the guesthouse. The problem is mainly the lack of vital nuns who can help. Remains a difficult issue to track the bookings.

Last year the monastery was repainted when the cloud break the paint weeraf was flushed. This summer, both the monastery guesthouse and repainted it with paint that is of better quality. The painters had finished high Thiksey monastery were forwarded by Rinpoche.

homestay painted

It's great to see that more and more people from more different countries in the guesthouse Nyerma find you. The best advertisements are the people who keep coming back.

Revenues this summer are almost € 3766.00. With this amount, the nuns through the winter well, how cool that would be too!

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