Maybe you remember that Myra and I had spoken early in June with Palmo on the participation of LNA nuns in the training in Auroville for maintenance of the 'Solar System ' .

We also mentioned that it was important that Chamba could participate. Mainly because she has a good technical mind and also we wanted to give her a chance to get away from all the usual tasks in Nyerma . This got us to the question of what to do with the care of the oldest nun Dolma Janskit ? She has dementia and has become more child like and was looked after by Chamba.

Palmo felt this opportunity was important to Chamba and promised that they would arrange for Dolma’s shelter and care, including any medical assistance required on site. Myra and I decided that DFLN would bear the cost themselves.

During the Kalachakra it was not a suitable time to discuss this or make the necessary arrangements. Then there were Lam Rim teachings in the temple in Leh : again not a convenient time to discuss something or arrange . Soon it was the end of July and it was time to remind Palmo of her commitment. Her response was 'Oh good you reminded me , I will get back to you soon.' In a few days we got a message that it was possible for Dolma Janskit to be admitted in a medical home at a cost of € 180. A large amount, but we must honor our commitment.

I was glad that everything was falling in place just a week before Chamba’s schedule departure. In Ladakh this is normally how things are arranged.

The following day I excitedly informed Chamba of the good news. Her response: 'Oh, but that is not necessary because she has heard from her family a few weeks back! The problem has long been solved!' Good to know everything was finally well arranged ……


Dolma Janskit
Dolma Janskit

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