Ellen Poelen and Anneke van der Heide go walk on the Sunday, May 16 the Marikenloop in Nijmegen. They will run 10 km. They do this for a prayer wheel for the nuns in Nyerma, Ladakh.

Anneke and Ellen are both previous years have been a volunteer for Homestay "The Taras" in Nyerma run, and that with pleasure.

A prayer wheel for nuns, but also ordinary people is very important. In the core of large and small prayer wheels are a thousand-fold mantra: "Ohm Mani Pad me Hum," a mantra that Tibetans and Buddhists pray so many times, simply by turning the mill. In monasteries stands a large prayer wheel of course, in nunneries hardly find them. That is what Ellen and Anneke change the situation! Both women are now training hard to be successful in the 10km!!

They need at least € 750.00 for this charity, so make a generous donation to the Dutch Foundation for Ladakhi Nuns on account number 390100560 of DFLN, Boornbergum, including "sponsored prayer wheel".

On behalf of Ellen and Anneke and nuns from all Nyerma: Thanks a lot!


Prayer Wheel

Nonnen bij Stupa met Anneke
Nuns at Stupa Anneke

Nonnen bij Stupa met Ellen
Nuns at Stupa with Ellen

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