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Today 6 July, is the Dalai Lama’s birthday and falls during the 33rd Kalachakra. This morning I was up early, at 8 am we got a taxi and arrived just in time before his birthday speeches began.

Sit down and take a moment...

Last night we received a call that the Dalai Lama would come to the monastery at Basgo.

Still in a daze I am sitting with my cup of tea... Aniek just arrived... The Dalai Lama is now in Leh, but will most likely arrive around 11am at the new convent of nuns in Basgo, which is due to be inaugurated on 4 August. Imagine! Dalai Lama’s first visit to a NUNNERY!

And... you learn that nothing in this world is for certain.

It was expected, twelve hours of sleep after a long flight and months of enjoyable hard work!
Back in Paradise!

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