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News Ladakh from the board.

By Aniek Jaartsveld

Beginning of August, Ladakh, after five years was again hit by extremely bad weather.

In Nyerma there was leakage in the nun’s rooms. The paint on the outer wall almost completely washed away. The rooms of the guesthouse got wet mostly through the cracks in the wooden frames of the windows that was affected by climatic conditions. There is still fear among the Ladakhi’s of worst weather.

By Aniek Jaartsveld

In the last two weeks of July, the schools in Ladakh have summer vacation.

Last holiday was very special for the young nuns from Nyerma: A pilgrimage to Bodgaya, where Buddha obtained Enlightenment. With the young also the fittest among the old nuns went along. Though a number of them had been to Bodgaya before, both young and old were full of anticipation for the morning departure from Nyerma.

2015-07-06 Ladakh. Today, on the eightieth birthday of the Dalai Lama, a girl of eight was dedicated as a nun or novice in the Gephel Shadrubling nunnery, in Sabu. Between the ages of 15-18 years, she can reconsider and decide if this is really her path. It seems at home she has been crying lying on the ground, begging her parents if she could go to a nunnery. Throughout the initiation ritual her eyes sparkled as that of a young bride absolutely sure she made the right choice.

2015-07-01 Ladakh. On this page of the DFLN we report on the annual visit of the board members of the DFLN to Ladakh.

During conversations with various people and nuns in the community here, it was revealed sexual abuse has been prevalent for ages in all religions, not just in the Catholic Church. Here in Ladakh it was recently made aware that there is large scale abuse of girls particularly by monks. It is clear that something must be done about it.

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