Today Aniek and I went to Nyerma, where five young girls were present. We were given a warm greeting by the older nuns.


The little ones were in their room sitting on the ground doing their homework. The youngest had big tears in her eyes. We had heard her cry from afar. Aniek later told me that this little one who is 6 years old but looks more like four, is badly neglected at her home, she has crooked legs due to vitamin deficiency and is also very shy.

After greetings I sat her on my lap. She smiled shyly and moved away .. but after she played with my camera and took a few pictures, the ice was broken and she herself sat on my lap. She is in her last year of kindergarten, where she learns English, Hindi and Tibetan, she has already learnt how to count.


We had exactly five shawls which my sister Margriet had knitted, I let them choose which one they wanted, first the younger girls then the older and yes, the last two girls wanted the same scarf. I draped both scarves on each side of me and let them choose one.


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