basgo-zon1-thWith the installers from Auroville, we spent two days in Basgo during the installation of the solar panels. At the time the supports for the panels were to be installed, the nuns also went to work. In the course of the very hot afternoon, the supports for the panels were mounted on the roof, this is really working together to create a bright future!

In the afternoon we went with a group of techies in search of water and we learned that Basgo has a problem with water supply. Eventually, a solution was devised an underground water tank, with an underground line to the kitchen of the monastery.

basgo-zon5-thThe next day we worked hard to ensure the roof was stable to place the solar panels. The nuns had to drag 50 bags filled with earth on the roof to keep everything secure, later cement was poured over them to set.

In Leh, we purchased 27 meters linoleum for the kitchen that currently has a cement floor.


In Nyerma the installers from Auroville saw ten solar panels fixed on the roof. They advise the purchase of a AAA refrigerator and LED lamps.

Five nuns will go for a maintenance training to Auroville. The men are already impressed by their technical insight, so that is good. It is also an advantage that the five nuns from three different monasteries will go together and will get to know each other better, which is good for long term cooperation.




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