Today, the solar power systems were connected in Basgo, the nunnery which played host to the Dalai Lama’s visit . This project was funded with € 10,000 by the Triodos Foundation.

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The whole monastery is now equipped with a separate line to which LED lights are connected, soon it will be followed by the kitchen, dining room, and the school office. Fortunately there is excess capacity, to connect future laptops and maybe even a refrigerator.

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The Geshe (teacher) came to press the start button and then the nuns switched on all the lights. That was a party ... We were dancing with each other: 'There is light, there is light!'


More good news

In Leh, the Central Institute for Buddhist Studies (CIBS), is a renowned High School. A few Gephel nuns are also studying there. We received the message that the school in Basgo will be an annex to the High School. Teachers will also be allocated from the CIBS, to ensure the quality of education is maintained.


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