The journey for the five nuns who will attend the maintenance training for the solar panels, is going to be tedious. They go with a taxi at a special ‘nuns-price’ to Manali, thence to Delhi, and then with the train on a 33 hours trip to the south of India (Chennai) where they will be picked up by Auroville people.

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With the nuns, we've been shopping for the school. They had received from sponsors for the inauguration in Basgo approximately 29,000 Rupees. They purchased 5 blackboards and stacks of books for Hindi, Tibetan and English. Also many notebooks and boxes with pens. Yet they remained exactly within the budget and got a further discount of Rs.3,000 for being nuns!

Parting is always an emotional experience. The Geshe (teacher) came just before our departure from Basgo and said he wanted to say something, just man to man ..

Namdol translated. He thanked us for everything, but especially liked the personal bond between the nuns and us which is special. He promised that he would continue as their teacher till the first nun becomes geshe-ma, and then he would go meditate in a cave.

Some final things to handle, and then I'm ready for my flight home.

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