Through the website of the DFLN we want to keep our visitors like you informed of developments this summer.

Four members of DFLN are in Ladakh: Myra de Rooij, Aniek Jaartsveld, Marlies Bosch and Ingrid Foeken arrives on July 1. We have many things on the program, such as updating of all sponsorship information, including arranging the construction of a water reservoir at the monastery in Basgo, which opened last year, where the Dalai Lama came to visit and where the Triodos Foundation made it possible to install solar power panels.

The capital of Ladakh, Leh is a big mess. Everywhere there are numerous construction and re-modelling work going on, roads are being built, small old buildings are demolished and huge buildings are put in its place. Fortunately, it is happening in the traditional Ladakhi style, but for now one has to be extremely careful and watch were they step so as not to get injured by stepping into the deep potholes on the road.

Leh markt 2015
Leh markt 2015
Leh Markt 2015
Leh Markt 2015

Meanwhile, we have had contact with the nuns from various monasteries we support.

Things are moving slow at the Homestay In Nyerma, for now we found a volunteer who looks after the guests in the Homestay, because another volunteer did 'nt show up.

The Gephel nuns have successfully given their first meditation course to the group of Joan Moonen, our 'sales coordinator' and tour leader.

And with the LNA we are yet to receive requests for solar panels and workshops.

We will keep you posted through this blog of the developments this summer. We can already announce that we have planned our next Ladakh Festival in Haarlem on 22 November and the theme will be: finances in the broadest sense of the word. So far, Ted van den Bergh, director of Triodos Foundation pledged to give a reading.

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