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2015-07-01 Ladakh. On this page of the DFLN we report on the annual visit of the board members of the DFLN to Ladakh.

During conversations with various people and nuns in the community here, it was revealed sexual abuse has been prevalent for ages in all religions, not just in the Catholic Church. Here in Ladakh it was recently made aware that there is large scale abuse of girls particularly by monks. It is clear that something must be done about it.

For clarity, here too there are smaller private communities living with ignorance and status differences. These are circumstances that lead to abuse. Both monks and nuns often came into the monastery and nunnerie at a very young age and they have no notion of what sexuality means, or what it means to lead a celibate life. The result is that men poach on the girls. Girls who are nuns are in a submissive position and are easy prey. Pregnancies sometimes lead to suicide from shame and this in a culture where even slaying a fly is forbidden!

We have in consultation with the Ladakh Nuns Association more or less decided that there should be available more information material on the subject, not only for girls but also for boys. They must know what it means to feel sexually attracted to someone and especially as a monk how they can deal with it. After we have decided to do so, we want to start a crowd funding project to facilitate printing of brochures that can be distributed widely. We are looking for a translator who can convert the text to Tibetan, so its easily read and understood by the girls and boys /men.

Furthermore, the little girls in both Gephel monastery in Basgo, and in Nyerma are doing admirably in school. One can learn better than the other, and later they will choose suitable higher education.

In Nyerma another nun has passed away. Now there are seventeen nuns living together, out of which five young ones joined two years ago.

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