Dutch Foundation for Ladakhi Nuns

to support tibetan-buddhist nuns in Ladakh, India



Marlies Bosch visited Ladakh in 1995 as a photographer for the Chomo foundation a conference for Buddhist women, organized by Sakyadhita (Daughters of the Buddha). During the conference she came in contact with some Ladakhi nuns. In later years she continued to travel to Ladakh and was mainly involved in health projects and education for and with the nuns.

To improve the poor health and education of the nuns in Ladakh Marlies Bosch founded in 2003 the foundation ‘Dutch Foundation for Ladakhi Nuns’ (DFLN), with the aim of supporting nunneries in Ladakh. In 1997 the Tibetan amchi and nun Dr. Tsering Palmo founded the Ladakh Nuns Association (LNA). She is the main person to guide other nunneries.

DFLN organizes in the Netherlands activities (such as Ladakh Festivals), which aim to raise the interest for and knowledge about the situation of nuns in Ladakh. In addition, the goal is to generate funds to support educational projects. In recent years a large number of goals have been reached. A nunnery was built to house a group of elderly nuns. Then a guesthouse was added with aid of Cordaid ("Homestay with nuns "). With the revenues thus recruited, this guesthouse makes the nuns increasingly self-reliant.

The foundation has since revised its objectives and vision: from 2010 on, all nunneries in Ladakh can submit grant proposals for community education to a level of € 1000. No more construction grants are provided. The existing buildings in Nyerma have a maintenance obligation, which the DFLN continues to meet for as long as necessary. The nunnery in Nyerma remains a part of the objective of the DFLN, but it is expected that in the coming years the nunnery will be increasingly self-supporting by means of the income of the guesthouse. There is solar energy installed, by a gift of Essent. The nuns increase their vegetable garden and are drying vegetables for their winter stock.

Nuns Saboo

In addition to supporting various projects, it is also possible to apply to the DFLN for support of the education of individual nuns in Ladakh through sponsors.

The ultimate goal is that DFLN makes herself redundant and that the nuns in the future are able, through work and other activities, to provide for themselves.

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