At the beginning of 2018, one of our sponsors suggested the possibility of submitting a subsidy application to De Beer Stichting for education in the nunneries in Ladakh.

Our sponsor travelled in the summer of 2017 with Joan Moonen past Ladakhi monasteries, including DFLN monasteries. She was impressed by the work that is being done there and by the intense collaboration with the DFLN. That is why she gave us the name of a friend of hers, who is a board member of De Beer Stichting. And suggested that the DFLN could submit a project proposal because our work fits within their objective.

De Beer Stichting aims to promote the education of young people, especially in developing countries. This is being done in collaboration with other (often small) NGOs, which finance projects for schools, orphanages and training for people without financial means in India.

After intensive consultation, also with the abbess of the Nyerma monastery Padma Dechen, we submitted a project proposal and two out of the three requests were granted. This covers the extra support of the five young nuns in Nyerma by a good English-speaking teacher. More and more students are taught in English at primary school and later in high school. Also for the DFLN and the guesthouse built by us at Nyerma Monastery, it is useful if these girls learn to speak better English. They can practice their English with the guests in the guesthouse, make contact and help with the work.

Nuns studying

In addition, De Beer Stichting is willing to sponsor five young nuns of the LNA monastery for a year. These nuns lost their German sponsors, because these sponsors prefer to financially support the many refugees in Germany.

Of course, we are looking for sponsors who want to support these student nuns for a longer period of time, but we are also very happy with this gift for the LNA. And De Beer Stichting will informs us if we can submit a subsidy application again at the end of 2018. Hopefully….

It is nice that our sponsors are on the same wave length as us and we want to thank this active sponsor who made it happen and of course we are very grateful for the generous donation from De Beer Stichting.


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