Dutch Foundation for Ladakhi Nuns

to support tibetan-buddhist nuns in Ladakh, India



The Dutch Foundation for Ladakhi nuns is a PBI foundation, registered with number 811729266. This means that we are accepted by the Dutch Tax Bureau as such. It also means you can deduct your gifts form your income-taxes, and we don't have to pay income taxes.

Ways to support us financially:

  • Long time donation
    This way you will effective and structurally support our activities and you do'nt have to worry about whether you have made ​​your donation. Choose an authorization per month, quarter or year..
  • One-time donation
    A one-time donation is also appreciated very much. You can make a donation to the Triodos Bank, IBAN: NL60TRIO0390100560, DFLN in Briltil. Please submit your name and address, we 'd like to hear from you for what purpose your gift is intended.
  • Notarial gift
    With your occasional or regular donations you provide a very welcome contribution to our work for the nuns in Ladakh, but you can almost double the amount by notarial gift for a period of at least five years, without paying more. That's because with a notarial gift the entire amount, regardless of the threshold, is immediately deductible. DFLN can take, if necessary, a portion of the cost of the act on its behalf.
  • Legacy
    By favoring DFLN in your estate donation you can help us continue our activities for the future of the nuns in Ladakh. It is important that you record your wishes in a will by a notary. Only then your wishes are legally. Your estate will be donated in full to DFLN because we as a Charity organization do'nt have to pay inheritance tax.
    Two common ways:
    • Heir: You donate your entire estate or a part thereof in the form of a certain percentage to DFLN..
    • A bequest: You favors DFLN with a specific amount or specific property.

Do you have something to celebrate? Consider the DFLN

Are you organizing a party as an anniversary, birthday or wedding and you wear DFLN a warm heart? Then we have a suggestion: as a gift, you can request a contribution for the nuns of Ladakh..

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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