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thupstan dolkar ullyThupstan Dolkar Ully, 1986

Thupstan Dolkar Ully Studies at Yamyang Choeling in Dharamsala. Wants to become a Geshe-ma, has 7 years to go.



choskyalChoskyal, 1984

Choskyal from Matho, studies at Sakya College for nuns in Deradun, for Geshe-ma. She is in her third year from a 9 years course. Needs € 400,00 a year.




Nawang TsetsoNawang Tsetso, 1990

Nawang Tsetso also studies in Deradun for Geshe-ma. Needs € 400,00 a year. She is from Matho village. She stayed at the Temisgang nunnery for basic education and joined Sakya in 1999. She wants to become a Geshe-ma.

Hobby: writing poetry in Tibetan and reading books.

You can support a nun by contacting our sponsorship coordinator Ingrid Foeken. You can transfer the pledged amount to our bank account stating the name of the nun and the monastery. We will ensure that your contribution will be transferred in two installments to the specified monastery.

Triodos Bank
IBAN: NL60TRIO0390100560
DFLN in Briltil


thupstan zangmoThupstan Zangmo, 1996

Thupstan Zangmo attended Kalachakra teaching in Ladakh by the Dalai Lama. She is from Temisgang, studies 10 standard at Central Institute for Buddhist Studies. She was ordained on August 8th.


thubstan dolkarThupstan Dolkar, 1998

Thupstan Dolkar from Shara. She will take the 10th examination, studies in Stok. She wants to become a social worker.



jigmet lazesJigmet Lazes

Jigmet Lazes wants to be a real amchi (Tibetan doctor). She was admitted for this study at CIBS. She finished Lambdon school.



stanzin youdonStanzin Youdon, 1998

Stanzin Youdon from Zangskar. Studies philosophy in Dharamsala.




kalzang dolkarKalzang Dolkar, 1988

Kalzang Dolkar from Nubra. Studies in Dharamsala at Yamyang Choeling for Geshe-ma. Started in 2007.



thupstan dolkarThupstan Dolkar, 1992

Thupstan Dolkar from Nubra. Studies in Dharamsala at Yamyang Choeling since 2008. Wants to be a Geshe-ma.



tsering youdonTsering Youdon, 1974

Tsering Youdon from Nubra Sumur. Studies in Dharamsala at Sarah Institute. Wants to become a teacher.



9-thupstan dolmaThupstan Dolma, 1985

Thupstan Dolma studies Buddhist Philosophy at Yamyang Choeling in Dharamsala.




lobsang lhamoLobsang Lhamo

Lobsang Lhamo, Nubra, cannot study, has epilepsy, but needs a lot of medical care.




13-tsering kunzomTsering Kunzom, 2002

Tsering Kunzom from Zangskar. Was ordinated on August 8th. Is in 6th grade and doing well.


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