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Chattnyanling Nunnery


Skarma Chuskit DolkarSkarma Chuskit Dolkar, 2008

She is very happy in this nunnery. She has 2 sisters and 1 brother. She has been malnourished and is too small for her age. She has Rachitis. She lives in Nyerma since 2012.She wants to become an English teacher.


spalzes-angmoSpalzes Angmo, 2002

Spalzes Angmo is from Salapi in Zanskar. She has 1 brother and 1 sister.

She goes to the Lambson school in Thiskey.




Karma ChoskitKarma Choskit, 2001

She has two sisters and one brother. She was born with a clump-foot, and has been operated on. She has an open wound on her leg. She wants to become an English teacher.


tashi dolmaTashi Dolma, 2001

She comes from Zangskar. She has three sisters and wants to become a teacher. She has a leg- and hip problem, maybe needs surgery. She goes to the Lambdon School, Thiksey


sonam chuskitSonam Chuskit, 2001

She comes from Padma Thank in Zangskar. She has two brothers and one sister. she goed to the Lambdon School, Thiksey




dechenDechen, 1975

Dechen comes from Thiksey, she is the niece of the Rinpoche, the abbot of the monastery. She speaks good English and is an English Teacher at the Lambdonschool in Leh. She bears a great responsibility for this monastery. She has helped enormously during disasters of 2010, for instance with the dead bodies in the mountain, due to the floods. From this she is still suffering, specially when she sees floods in other regions of India on TV, like in the summer of 2013. Dechen eats regularly with the guests and loves a Sunday morning coffee ritual with the volunteers. She does not require a sponsor as she makes her own money.

nawang-dolmaNawang Dolma, 1962

Nawang Dolma from Stakmo is a happy nun who always wants to learn English. She has recently learnt from Dechen to read and write. She leads the daily pujas. She is the only girl in a family of four brothers, one of whom is deceased. She has a niece. Before she came here, she worked in her family.

tashi-chenzomTashi Chenzom,  1953

Tashi Chenzom comes from Thiksey . She has worked on the road. She was involved in the construction of this monastery, along with Tashi Dolma. She has a problem with her left eye and therefore wears thick glasses. She loves the community. She also has stomach problems.

dolma-janskitDolma Janskit, 1922

Dolma Janskit is from Thiksey. Chamba takes care of her. They share a room. She is the oldest nun in the convent and stays mostly in bed.

...a sponsor.



If you would like to sponsor any of them you can contact our sponsor coordinator Ingrid Foeken. You can send your donations to our bank account and please write us the names of the nun and nunnery. We will ensure your contribution is received by the designated nunnery in two installments yearly.

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